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A digital solution for real estates profesionnals

Classifieds display / Touch window / Virtual tours (VR)

An application designed for customer course

TACTEEL'IMMO is a revolution for window store front animation. It open a new digital way.
Designed WITH real estate agents FOR real estate agents,
You offer new services to your sellers and your renters.
You become more attractive by passers.
You stand out your agency with interactive and digital services adapted to store front customer course.

Classifieds display

Animate your store front window and keep passers attention. Gain attractivity and visibility with our provided high brightness semi-outdoor screens (>= 2500 CDL).

Touch store front window

Stand out your agency by providing passers an unique experience. Ease contact caption and push them to enter.
TACTEEL'IMMO is also available for indoor touch screens and kiosks.

VR 360° courses editor

Create and play your courses in virtual reality. Gain time on your physical real estate courses management and moves. You can now purpose to your prospects a virtual tour from your agency.

High Brightness Display collection from 46"

Classified display

Specifically designed for real estate agencies, our application provide a incomparable large range of services. You manage your mandate visibility while offering new services to your sellers and renters.

  • - Smartphone Remote control
  • - Automatic Classifieds synchronization
  • - Smart Multi-screen broadcasting
  • - Media management system (PDF, images, vidéos, RSS...)
  • - Offline support
  • - Window permanent animation
  • - Customized theme
  • - Automatic scroll
  • - Portrait/Landscape Mode
  • - Animated transitions
  • - Web backoffice
  • - Multilingual

Touch window 

Fluid, ergonomic, and very straitforward, few clicks and seconds are needed to passers to achieve searches from your store front window. One or more classifieds keep their attention ? We invite them to enter in the agency...

  • - Incomparable and unique user experience
  • - Highest interactivity
  • - All classifieds available
  • - Criteria search engine
  • - Agency Open hours behavior
  • - Real estate agents displayed
  • - Automatic scrolling stand by mode
  • - Safe contact form
  • - Media management system (PDF, images, vidéos...)
  • - Full HD High brightness display
  • - 1mm touch accuracy
  • - Web backoffice
  • - Multilingual

VR / 360° course editor

A passer fall in interest for one or more than one real estates you manage ? It's OK, purpose him virtual courses directly from your agency...

  • - Create, manage and play your virtual courses in 360° or Virtual Reality(with VR Headset)
  • - Optimize your physical tour. Make your sellers, renters, tenants and Byers gain time
  • - Vous sollicitez moins les propriétaires
  • - Optimize prospects searches
  • - Unlimited VR courses
  • - Unlimited simultaneous tour (embedded version)
  • - Stand up and modernize your image
  • - By default, available as embedded version

Compatible avec la plupart des logiciels de transaction

Full HD Screen
High Brightness

To give a high visibility to your agency and deliver a better user experience, our touch window shop solution relies only on Hight brightness Full HD screens start from 47 inches.


Here is the real benefit of our solution. Your real estates and your agency stay available as on week-end or when nobody is here to welcome visitors.

Available in
Portrait or Landscape

To comply every shop window layout of real estates agencies, our solution Tacteel'IMMO is developped for portrait and landscape layout.

and "Leasing" offers

Tacteel'IMMO is a standalone "Turnkey" solution without additional costs.
"Leasing" offers can be planed for 36 or 48 month with remote maintenance.

A digital, interactive, reliable, flexible and evolutive solution.

With Tacteel'IMMO your agency and your managed real estates increase their visibility !

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Main features

Tacteel'IMMO increase your store front window to make it a real prospecting tool !

Automated synchronization

Compliant with almost Real Estate transaction softwares*. (*French softwares. For other countries please contact us)
Your real estate classified are automatically updated. no action required on your part.


Your real estate classified become available to foreigners which is ideal for agencies located in touristics areas.

Search engine criteria

Users can search and filter real estate classified by type (Buy/Rent), real estate type, prices, etc...

Reports generation

Real estate details, pictures, contact information, Tacteel'IMMO allows users to request every information about your agency and receive it by email.

Web and socials visibility enhancement

Using QRCodes and Social links users can access easily to your website and contribute to your web and social notoriety.

Contact form

With a touch window, contacting you become straightfoward. You can be contacted every time.

Media content management system

Promotional movies, Pictures, PDF documents, PowerPoint document... Organize easily and as you feel your promotional messages broadcasting to animate your window store.

Analytics tool

Available from a administration web page, you can view some visits analytics.

And many others...

"Real Estate Group" offers

We derived Tacteel'IMMO in a solution especialy adapted to Real Estate Group, franchisedand other real estate agencies group structures.

In response of multiple agencies specific needs and constraints, our solution, scalable, offers more adapted services. (Analytics, IT management, broadcasting, etc...).

For more information, please contact us by phone at 0033 491.900.979.

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