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Interactive Touch Kiosks

Inform, communicate and share

An interactive media and touch

The touch kiosks meet the needs of companies to capture the attention of target while offering detailed content. The touch kiosks are mainly positioned in strategic locations in terms of marketing such as lounges, retail outlets, tourisms, hotels, real estate agents ...

They are especially prized at events and festivals.

Custom development

Touch kiosks offer multimedia content to present your services and your products dynamically. These applications offer excellent tactile presentation medium to highlight your important items.

We can develop for you applications tailored to your application and compatible with touch kiosks. We develop internally all the applications of the kiosks and touch kiosk should be linked to web technology or software. The ergonomics, graphics and performance are key for us. Touch applications are intended simple to use and intuitive.

Design and Accessibility

The elegant design of interactive kiosks allows them to integrate in all places. They are distinguished, clean and easy to use. On certain kiosks, design and dimensions have been provided to facilitate access to a wheelchair for disabled guests.

Touch kiosk catalog

Touch kiosk TOMA 42"
Simple and elegant design, highly durable.

The role of the touch kiosks

Demand for touch kiosks is increasingly important. They are for you an excellent interactive media to gain visibility by providing a fun way of content.

Think integrate a touch solution content or application that we offer. If you have a particular project based on the use of touch kiosks, as a publisher of interactive solutions, we can help you and offer you solutions tailored to your needs.