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Welcome to the era of Digital Stores, touch and interactive applications!

Perform your storefront. Boost your branding.

In short, Tacteel is...

A range of suitable products

We develop, we are expanding.
With products that we want flexible and scalable in order to meet all the needs of our customers.

The design of custom interactive solutions

Develop and design with our customers applications that combines interactive technology, web, mobile and connected devices...

Our products

Tacteel'IMMO - Real estate agencies

Enrich your window of a unique user experience through our touch display solution. Available 7days/week in multilingual, with automatic synchronization of your property. Tacteel'IMMO s an essential prospecting tool.

Tacteel'POS - Car / Bike Dealers

Available as terminals, desks, tables or interactive touch s windows.
With automatic synchronization, your clients access to real-time detailed information of your ads.

Tacteel'Display Server

deal for large stores or malls, this solution enables optimized management of display advertising on several strategically placed screens. Different solutions can be arranged.

Our services

Propose interactive technologies and ergonomic design solutions


Interactive applications are by nature orientedUser Experience". Tailored to your needs developing our applications within a strict framework for performance optimization, research, fluidity and comfort.


Today, the development of interactives  technologies is one of the first areas of investment in the world. Kinect, through the LEAP Motion, connected objects,or even geolocalization technologies and other interactive interfaces, each of which opens the way to a wide variety of applications ideal for connecting your brand to your customers.

"Turnkey" solutions

Currently, we offer turnkey solutions tactile windows for real estate agencies and touch kiosks for dealers cars and motorcycles. We can design hand-key solutions to meet your needs.


Analytical tools

Our solutions are most often accompanied by an analytical tool to describe the behavior of users and track their route to fit your business strategy.


A logical digital revolution and expected by consumers

Since the advent of smartphones, a new era of applications and new modes of interaction develop. Les Tactile or interactive applications jostle and transformed the way we consume information and data.

Today, the proposed information must adapt to consumer behavior. Ces derniers veulent pouvoir comparer et connaître rapidement leurs futurs achats. They want to compare and quickly their future purchases. Any media display, advertising or informal, must be dynamic and dependent on the actions of a user to inform in real time.

Consumers want to gain autonomy. They are sometimes rushed and demanding. It is therefore necessary to provide circuits to store purchases or access to information shortcuts.

Similarly consumers are learning a lot about the web and many (more than 80% of 18-35) know more about the products that the vendors. Stores and outlets must be equipped with brackets to allow consumers to find relevant information in situ.


81% of consumers plébiscitent the presence of kiosks and storefronts.
Already on average, 62% use today (77% of owners of smartphones and tablets).
79% appreciate the use of tablets by sellers who are more visible and in demand.*


84% of consumers enjoy the autonomythat were using terminals, simplifying the purchasing process and access to promotional information offered by interactive media.*


83% of consumers ensure that the use of interactive media give a image of modernity to stores. 71% highlight a gain
relevance and quality to the brand.

* Source Digital Store Study conducted by IPSOS and SENSIO Extreme + in December 2014